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I found the outfit that I am wearing on the ~*FATEFUL*~ night! I will post pictures as soon as the outfits are uploaded onto Forever 21's site.

In other news, I made two mix CD's.

These are basically my favorite songs in the entire world. I think they represent my life and personality very, very well. Some of the songs are from the best parts of my life and some of the songs are so important to me and I didn't even realize it.

The CD's are eclectic and weird.

CD #1

1. Neighborhood #1, Tunnels- Arcade Fire
2. Australia- The Shins
3. On the Radio- Regina Spektor
4. Come on, Feel the Illionoise!- Sufjan Stevens
5. Digital Love- Daft Punk
6. The Oats we Sow- Gregory and the Hawk
7. The Writhing South- Say Anything
8. Sweater Poorly Knit- mewithOUTYOU
9. Killbot 2000- Murder by Death
10. I bet that you look good on the dance floor- Arctic Monkeys
11. Pogo- Digitalism
12. Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley
13. Y Control- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
14. Zak and Sara- Ben Folds
15. Electric Feel- MGMT
16. The View- Modest Mouse
17. Kissing Families- Silversun Pickups
18. Pachuca Sunrise- Minus the Bear
19. Do you Realize?- The Flaming Lips
20. Intermission- Murder by Death

Bonus Track #1:
Girl Anachronism- The Dresden Dolls

CD #2

1. Dramamine- Modest Mouse
2. Soul Meets Body- Deathcab for Cutie
3. Come Clean- Eisley
4. Foundations- Kate Nash
5. Put a Record On- Unkle Bob
6. Chicago- Sufjan Stevens
7. Driftwood- Cursive
8. Jesus- Brand New
9. Put a Penny in the Slot- Fionn Regan
10. Brother- Murder by Death
11. Dare- Gorillaz
12. Romeo and Juliet- The Killers
13. Castle Time- Chris Garneau
14. Mysteries- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
15. Hymns for the Heathen- Cursive
16. Turn Into- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
17. This Modern Love- Blocparty
18. The Compromise- The Format
19. Chelsea Hotel- Regina Spektor
20. Brightest- Copeland

Bonus Track #2!:
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Song- The Flaming Lips

You may notice, or not care, that I didn't put the Beatles on here. That is because I think i would have to make a totally seperate CD entirely for the Beatles.

Now I am decorating my room!

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